Onerepublic - Everybody Loves Me chords version 3

There's already a great tab on the intro/verses here on UG. 
Though I thought I'd show you how I play it. 
It might not be 100% correct according to how OneRepublic play it, but this sounds good too.
Here's my suggestion to the song.


Verse: Hail Caesar shadow on my backseat And her friends are standing right in front of me World wide from the Cimmaron to Turkey Open up, said everybody loves me
C AmAnd you don't have to make a sound
'Cause they got what you need, what you need Oh, oh, oh, oh (Verse again) Chorus:
E GOh my, feels just like I don't try
ALook so good I might die
E7 All I know is everybody loves me
E GHead down, swaying to my own sound
AFlashes in my face now
E7All I know is everybody loves me
Everybody loves me Bridge: E And this is it for the rest of the song. :)
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