Onerepublic – Lullaby chords ver. 2

Verse 1
A EDays feel harder, night grows longer
Bm A Summer says it's goodbyes
A EDarknes covers, we find shelter
Bm AOur own place to hide
Chours 1
D AOh, as the light goes out
Bm AThoughts turn to angels, over us
D AOh, as the night comes in
A Bm ADreams start their drifting, and you hear; a lullaby
Verse 2 Trees touch windows, say their hellos Hear this house as it settles in Worry slips away, it don't know your name It don't know where to find us Chours 2 Oh, as the light goes out Thoughts turn to angles, all around us Oh, as the night comes in Dreams start their drifting, and we hear; a lullaby End with A ...A lullaby
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