Opal - Whats It About tab

?What it?s About? Copyright 2002
Performed by Opal
Words and Music by Mike Lemense
From ?Good Times?
Style: Light Rock

2 Guitars both standard tuning
Moderate pace, it varies a lot and their are a lots of pauses and weird rhythms. Listen to the song and 
understand what I mean.

Intro and First VerseE -------------------------|B -------------------------|G --------77---------------|D ----------------------4--|A --5-----------2----------|E -------------------------|
Little riff before the RefrainE -------------------------|B -------------------------|G -------------------------|D ---------0----3---2---0--|A --5----------------------|E -------------------------|
Refrain Riff AE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G --------77-----------------77------------------------77---------------------77-------|D -------------7557----------------55s3300-----------------5775----------------553320--|A --55------------------55-----------------------55---------------------55-------------|E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|After this the 2nd guitar comes in, and it playsD Dsus F Am through the verses in rhythm with the lead. 5 on A=D, 77 on G=Dsus, 2 on A=F, and 4 on D=Am.
The verses remain the same
Bridge- (The ?You just don?t care? part)- Second Guitar plays D A G at fast pace, muting after D and A, the bridge.E ---------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------------|G ---------------------------------------------|D ---05570--------------------4-----h544h22s4--|A -------------05570---022-----5---------------|E ---------------------------------------------|Do twice, on second time, instead of sliding from 2 to 4 at the end pull off of 2.
Solo- 1st GuitarE -----------------------------------|B -----------------------------------|G -----------------------------------|D ---------7775--------------444-----|A --h55----------50---h22-------200--|E -----------------------------------|
x4Solo- While the lead plays that, with much more volume and tenacity, the 2nd guitar plays this riff.E ----------------------------------------|B ---------2(5x)s5(x5)s3(x5)--------------|G -----------------------------------332--|D ----------------------------------------|A ----------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------|
That?s about it, the wind-down at the end the guitars are the same as the bridge, with the Riff just the refrain thrown in every once in a while.
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