Operation Ivy - Freeze Up tab

couldn't find any good tabs for this song, so i came up with my own, no solo, couldn't assed to figure it out, but i'm fairly certain this is 100% correct G DE|-7-----5------|B|-8-----7------|G|-7-----7------|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
verse, play as needed, figure out the rhythm yourselfuse ska upstrokes throughout Am D G DE|-5--------5-----7--5--|B|-5--------7-----8--7--|G|-5--------7-----7--7--|D|----------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
chorus - play half-time Am G C DE|--5---5----3---3----8---8----10---10-----|B|--5---5----3---3----8---8----10---10-----|G|--5---5----4---4----9---9----11---11-----|D|--7---7----5---5---10--10----12---12-----|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
post chours - back to standard time Am DE|-5---------5----------|B|-5---------7----------|G|-5---------7----------|D|----------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
those are the basic chords, you can probably figure out the rest
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