Operation Ivy – Gonna Find You tab

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From: SkunX42@aol.com
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 19:27:54 -0500
Subject: Gonna Find You by Operation Ivy

Song:  Gonna Find You
Band:  Operation Ivy
Album: Energy
posted by: SkunX42@aol.com
thanks John!
i got a few requests for this, so here you guys go!
    G     D      F     C#      C     E       Eb
Intro: =0D (no gtr.) back in school you ever get busted = for trying to walk and have some adminisrator tell you son =0D G G = can strike your obligations and try to be different from your peers G but responsibility of your future is gonna find you =0D CHORUS: =0D D, F, C-C#-D D F C-C#-D gonna find you =0D Verse: =0D G C i saw this kid get beaten down cause he was outta luck F C the lottery of acceptance in the school of growing up =0D (same chords) saw a bunch of convicts doing time inside a cage got locked in factories within the school of paid wage =0D CHORUS =0D Verse2: =0D saw this boy so strung out his bodysweats and shakes from his field of education in the school of cheap escape got told the school of human thinking teaches only truth one of its educations is gonna find you =0D CHORUS =0D Bridge: = =0D D-C#-C, C-C#-D, E-Eb-D (x2)
=0DG Csaw a civilization where grabbing onto wealthG Cwas the only guarantee of freedom peace and health=0D(same chords)dollarsign value system upheld as the truthand if you can't find a place it's gonna find you=0D|---------------||---------------||---------------||---------------||--3--4--3--4---||---------------|
=0Dsaw the paranoid response to all of the examplesthe ones who don't fit in this way of living getting trampledsuccess is obedience to a structured way of lifecan't ignore the structure cause we're all within it's sights=0DCHORUS=0DD-C#-C, C-C#-D, E-Eb-D (x2) end on D
=0D ok, that's it! send all comments, questions, punk tabs, and\or requests (i'll do my best!) to me at: SkunX42@aol.com =0D OI! =0D --PART.BOUNDARY.0.1518.emout06.mail.aol.com.824084873--
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