Operation Ivy – Hoboken tab

Operation Ivy
“Hoboken” tab

I decided to make a good tab for this track, because it’s one of my favorite Op. Ivy 
Even though some people I know hate it…
This is the first tab I've submitted anywhere.
Tabbed by Hunter Markham

Standard Tuning
~ = hold note


While holding note it sounds like “Lint” plays something like this

--------- ---------|--------- ---------|----7--7- ---7---7-|-77--7--- -7---7---|--------- ---------|--------- ---------|
Bridge (where Jesse sings “trapped in this prison…”)-----------------| x2-----------------|-----777-----777-|-555-777-777-777-|-555-555-777-555-|-333-----555-----|
then Bridge Verse Chorus Bridge Verse Chorus Then. While Jesse sings the Bridge, play this
Bridge and then end on --- --- -7- -7- -5- ---
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