Operation Ivy – Missionary tab

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From: adg2@po.cwru.edu (Fugazi)

missionary, by operation ivy
tab by alex gonzalez (adg2@po.cwru.edu)

this song consists of mainly three chords, A, E and D, played like so...
if you have any questions, email and ask.  this song is pretty simple,
but tons of fun to play along with a band that knows what it's doing.
if anyone can think of a way to improve the solo any, lemme know about
that too, 'cause i have a feeling it's not exact, tho it sounds good.

-------------------------------------|-----------------3-------------------|--2-------7------2-------------------|--2---2---7------0-------------------|--0---2---5------0-------------------|------0---5--------------------------| A E D or D
A E i start it, i end it, D i kill and words will defend it. A E got big plans, blood stained hands. D wanna put my name on the map. A E D on my way to save the world. A E got a brand new set of words, the going rate is cheap, A E unconditional devotion, unquestioning belief. A E words carved in stone, chiseled in with sharpened bones of the ones who thought my righteousness was something to oppose. missionary!!! can you see the flag? rising up beyond the smoke of dying authors burning books, there was a broblem with what they wrote. the flag is hard to read because all flags start to look the same when covered with the blood of the faithless and insane. man of many names, but the motives stay the same... my actions are a means to an end my actions are a means to... solo part (play twice)
THE END ** missionary by operation ivy *** ** tab by alex gonzalez - adg2@po.cwru.edu ***
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