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Operation Ivy – Take Warning tab

Title: Take Warning
Artist: Operation Ivy
Tabbed by: james hersey - in vienna, austria ! (heelflip26stairs@hotmail.com)

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

noone else seems to have really got it right, and since i have too much time on
my hands, ill be glad to tab this kickass song for you ! - questions, comments,
and THANK YOU'S - write me an email...

okay so ill map out several ways to play it, so you can just sit down somewhere
and enjoy the sounds of op ivy anytime, anywhere... peace.. mind you i did this
whole thing by ear, but i know it's correct ! mu-ha-ha

to play this song you need to have very basic bar chord skills, and know how to
play a simple ska rhythm (on 'x' strum down and don't play...or just strum past
the strings...)

Chorus:E|----7-x-7-x-----x---x--------x---------------------------------||B|----7-x-7-x---7-x-7-x------5-x-5--5/7--5/7---------------------||G|----8-x-8-x---8-x-8-x------6-x-6--6/8--6/8---------------------||D|----9-x-9-x---8-x-8-x------6-x-6--6/8--6/8---------------------||A|----9-x-9-x-6-6-x-6-x----4-4-x-4--4/6--4/6---------------------||E|--7-7-x-7-x-----x---x--------x---------------------------------|| "take warning, take warning"
okay so learn that riff for the chorus's and the lines after the chorus (listen to the song for sequencing)
Verse:E|-----x---------------x--------x-------x----------------------||B|---5-x-5-----------5-x-5----4-x-4---4-x-4--------------------||G|---6-x-6-----------6-x-6----4-x-4---4-x-4--------------------||D|---6-x-6-----------6-x-6----4-x-4---4-x-4--------------------||A|-4-4-x-4---------4-4-x-4--2-2-x-2-2-2-x-2--------------------||E|-----x---------------x--------x-------x----------------------|| "stand by your friends.....wrong or right"
Learn that for the verse's in the song... then the final guitar part i'll do 3 times - once the rhythm, once the lead, and once both together for the guitarist who wants to play alone :D - man what i go through to bring music to the world
Bridge (rhythm):E|-------7-x-------7--------7-x-7---7-x-7---7-x-7-------------------||B|-------8-x-------8--------7-x-7---8-x-8---8-x-8-------------------||G|-------9-x-------9--------8-x-8---9-x-9---9-x-9-------------------||D|-------9-x-------9--------9-x-9---9-x-9---9-x-9-------------------||A|-----7-7-x-------7--------9-x-9-7-7-x-7-7-7-x-7-------------------||E|---------x--------------7-7-x-7-----x-------x---------------------|| "enough is enough is enough"
okay so repeat that however many times (don't expect me to go back and count, if you haven't heard the song then you shouldn't be reading this tab!)
Bridge (lead):E|-------------------------------------------------------------------||B|-------------------------------------------------------------------||G|---------------------9-9-9--9-7------------------------------------||D|--9-9-9--9-7--------------------9----------------------------------||A|-------------9-7------------------7--------------------------------||E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|| ^--<-----<----^thats repeated to...and the space ^ - for the less perceptive of you - is when youchange chords from the Em to the Bmaj...
And for those of you who want to play it all at once like myself, here's what you jam during the bridge -
Bridge (rhythm sorta plus lead):E|---7-x-7---7---------7-x-7---7-x-7---7-x-7---7---------7-x-7---7-x-7-||B|---8-x-8---7---------8-x-8---8-x-8---8-x-8---7---------8-x-8---8-x-8-||G|---9-x-9---8---------9-x-9---9-x-9---9-x-9---8-9p7-----9-x-9---9-x-9-||D|---9-x-9---9-9p7-----9-x-9---9-x-9---9-x-9---9-----9---9-x-9---9-x-9-||A|-7-7-x-7---9-----9-7-7-x-7-7-7-x-7-7-7-x-7---9-------7-7-x-7-7-7-x-7-||E|-----x---7-7-----------x-------x-----------7-7-----------x-------x---||
so you should be able to do that without too much effort ! this is my first tab and looking back on the hour i spent writing it for you, i think i did an alright job ! not bad eh ? (no i'm not canadian). all the singing parts are in synch with the tabs (except this last part, coz it'll go off the page, so good luck singing along with it. the lyrics...hmmm...i guess i'll add em onto this tab... Listen up, Whoa, Take warning Stand by your friends, wrong or right Can't call that justice if its just a stupid excuse to fight Single out and attack the ones who got no defense You call that a new way of thinking i call it regression to ignorance Take warning Theres a new generation coming And we really gotta stand up to them No ones got a thing against you Unless youve got something to prove We dont need no set of standards, We dont need a new set of rules Heard all that shit before About stomping out any difference We say stand together! (not to fight just to exist) Take warning Intimidation coming And we really gotta say no to them Enough is enough is enough Why dont you just ease up I saw another beat down last nite take warning Who's the next to hit the ground tonite take warning there you go ! so cheers ! james // your crazy local tab artist
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