Operation Ivy - Take Warning tab version 2

Band: Operation Ivy
Song: Take Warning
Album: Energy (1989)
Tuning: Standart E A D G B E

Okay, this is one of Operation Ivys greatest songs: Take Warning!
A very relaxing song in contrast to other Op Ivy stuff and perfect to
chill out, so here's the tab for it.. it's kinda easy! So enjoy!

| Intro 2x |E|--7~~--6~~--6~~---4/6--4/6~----|B|--7~~--7~~--5~~---5/7--5/7~----|G|--8~~--8~~--6~~---6/8--6/8~----|D|--9~~--8~~--6~~---6/8--6/8~----|A|--9~~--6~~--4~~---4/6--4/6~----|E|--7~~--------------------------|
| Chorus |E|--x7x7-x6x6-x4x4--4/6--4/6~----|B|--x7x7-x7x7-x5x5--5/7--5/7~----|G|--x8x8-x8x8-x6x6--6/8--6/8~----|D|--x9x9-x8x8-x6x6--6/8--6/8~----|A|--x9x9-x6x6-x4x4--4/6--4/6~----|E|--x7x7-------------------------|
| Verse 3x | 1x |E|--x4x4x4x4-x2x2x2x2--|--x4x4x4x4-x2x2--4/6--4/6~--|B|--x5x5x5x5-x3x3x3x3--|--x5x5x5x5-x3x3--5/7--5/7~--|G|--x6x6x6x6-x4x4x4x4--|--x6x6x6x6-x4x4--6/8--6/8~--|D|--x6x6x6x6-x4x4x4x4--|--x6x6x6x6-x4x4--6/8--6/8~--|A|--x4x4x4x4-x2x2x2x2--|--x4x4x4x4-x2x2--4/6--4/6~--|E|---------------------|----------------------------|
| Bridge 4x | Outro 1x |E|--x7x7-x7x7-x7x7-77x77---|---4/6--4/6--6~~--6-----|B|--x8x8-x7x7-x8x8-88x88---|---5/7--5/7--7~~--7-----|G|--x9x9-x8x8-x9x9-99x99---|---6/8--6/8--8~~--8-----|D|--x9x9-x9x9-x9x9-99x99---|---6/8--6/8--8~~--8-----|A|--x7x7-x9x9-x7x7-77x77---|---4/6--4/6--6~~--6-----|E|-------x7x7--------------|------------------------|
Order: Intro - 2x Chorus - Verse - 4x Chorus - Verse - 4x Chorus - Bridge - 4x Chorus - Outro Okay, so that's all! I think it's damn fucking easy to play if you have basic skills to play the ska-rhythm which is fuckin' important in this song. I think there's nothing more to say 'cause everythings clear and there's no part which is really hard to play except maybe the end of the bridge (ya know: "enough is enough...") but whatever... Enjoy that classic song of Operation Ivy... If you have any questions or want to talk about Op Ivy or other shit just send me a e-mail: suburbiabomb@web.de
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