Operation Ivy – Unity tab ver. 2

Band: Operation Ivy
Song: Unity
Album: Energy (1989)
Tuning: Standard E A D G B E

So, here we have one of Op Ivy's best know songs called
'Unity'. It's a really great song and easy to play too...

| Intro 1x |E|---5---5---7---5--|-5---5---7~--555-55---|B|---5---6---8---6--|-5---6---8~--666-66---|G|---6---7---9---7--|-6---7---9~--777-77---|D|---7---7---9---7--|-7---7---9~--777-77---|A|---7---5---7---5--|-7---5---7~--555-55---|E|---5--------------|-5--------------------|
| Chorus 2x |E|---5-555--555555--7-777--555555----------|B|---5-555--666666--8-888--666666----------|G|---6-666--777777--9-999--777777----------|D|---7-777--777777--9-999--777777----------|A|---7-777--555555--7-777--555555----------|E|---5-555---------------------------------|
| Verse 2x |E|---x5x5x5x5-x5x5x5x5-x7x7x7x7-x5x5x5x5---|B|---x5x5x5x5-x6x6x6x6-x8x8x8x8-x6x6x6x6---|G|---x6x6x6x6-x7x7x7x7-x9x9x9x9-x7x7x7x7---|D|---x7x7x7x7-x7x7x7x7-x9x9x9x9-x7x7x7x7---|A|---x7x7x7x7-x5x5x5x5-x7x7x7x7-x5x5x5x5---|E|---x5x5x5x5------------------------------|
| Bridge 4x |E|---5-555--555--7-777--555----------------|B|---5-555--666--8-888--666----------------|G|---6-666--777--9-999--777----------------|D|---7-777--777--9-999--777----------------|A|---7-777--555--7-777--555----------------|E|---5-555---------------------------------|
Order: Intro - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus Verse - chorus - Bridge - Chorus - Break - Chorus Note: - The 'Break' at the end of the song's just the part where they sing "Unity - As one stand together..." so don't play anything at that part.... - At the last part of the song you just have to play the chorus again while they still sing the break to the end... So, that's Unity Music! Enjoy the sound of Operation Ivy! If you have any questions etc. or just wanna talk about Op Ivy: Send me a mail: My Name's Chad - SuburbiaBomb@Web.De Or visit my blog: SuburbiaBomb.Blogspot.Com
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