Operation Ivy – Vulnerability tab ver. 2

Band: Operation Ivy
Song: Vulnerability
Album: Energy (1989)
Tuning: Standard E A D G B E

Okay, this is one of my favorite Op Ivy songs and I've seen only a few
tabs for this great one so I decided to write my own tab for that great 
main riff in that song 'cause the rest of the song's quiet easy....

I know that my tab for that riff's not right - And I think nobody except Tim
know how to play that unique guitar riff right - But I think it's close enough...

| Version #1e|----------------------------|--------------------------|B|----------------------------|--------------------------|G|----------------------------|--------------------------|D|-----44---77---------4-7----|--------------------------|A|-----55-5-55-5-4-4-7-5-5----|----444-7^--2-5-5-4-5-----|E|---------------5-5-5---5----|----555-5^--3-3-----------|
| Version #2e|----------------------------|--------------------------|B|----------------------------|--------------------------|G|----------------------------|--------------------------|D|-----444-7-77-------4-7-----|--------------------------|A|-----555-5-55-4-4-7-5-5-----|----444-7-77-2-5-5-4-5----|E|--------------5-5-5---------|----555-5-55-3-3-0-0-0----|
So here we have 2 version for that riff: Version #1 - The "right" one which is kinda hard to play, and Version #2 - The "easy" one which is kinda easier to play and which also sound close to the "right" one - It's you choice which you wanna play! So let me tell you something about how to play it... Well, you have to play the riff (damn fuckin') fast. I mean it! Damn fuckin' fast! It's not very easy to play it so fast and you also have to bend a chord (^) at the second part of the song. Play the riff with distortion - I mean it! Distortion on the highes level!The second version is easy enough, so I think that I don't have to say something to this... For the beginning I would chose the easy one and letter figure out the hard one which is kinda right - You just have to practice a lot that's all! So please keep it on and enjoy the sound of Operation Ivy... If you have any questions etc. or just wanna talk about Op Ivy or some shit: Send me a mail: My Name's Chad - SuburbiaBomb@Web.De Or visit my blog: SuburbiaBomb.Blogspot.Com
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