Ophthalamia – Death Crush tab

                         OPHTHALAMIA - DEATH CRUSH
                         From the Album VIA DOLOROSA
                         Copyright 1995 Avanrgarde Music Italy

                              Version 1.0 - November 1996
Transcribed by: Richard Broadhead()

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Tuning: Normal

feedback and string noise for first two measures

Riff A|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||-2-2-5--2-9-8---2-2-5--2-8-8--||-0-0-3--0-7-6---0-0-3--0-6-6--|
Play Riff A a total of six times pause and let A#5 ring out first two measures of Riff B have string noise and feedback
Riff B|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-000011110000111100001111/55553333-||-----------------------------------|
Play Riff B a total of 6 times
Riff C(it sounds as if the A5's are played with an upstroke)|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||-7-------7-------7---7---6-6-6--||-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-4--|
Play Riff C a total of 8 times Play Riff B four times
Play Riff C 7 times, end and hold A5, then bass comes in playing Riff A twice, at the end of the first time, the guitar plays the two A#5, but doesn't come in again until the end of the bass part. During the entire time string noise and feeback is occuring during the bass part. Play Riff A 4 times, hold A#5 Play Riff B 3 times
Riff D|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||-0000111100001111000011110 feedback|--------------------------------|
Riff B, Riff D, Riff B, Riff D, Riff B twice Riff C 8 times, end on A5
God only knows what he's doing here(either its some weird clever thing, orhe just fucked up big time) Try something like this|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------| thats the best i can do|-----------02-------2-----------||-2320232023--23202320-----------|
For all the string noise parts just rub your hands on the strings, to create the feedback they are using by artificial means, try one of the following 1. Natural Harmonics on 5th frets of strings 1 and 2 2. Place hand between bridge and neck and harmonic there until you find the correct pitch, you will be more sucessful using strings 1 through 3, and being closer to the neck than the bridge Transcribed by: Richard Broadhead() Check Out My Web Page, With More Transcriptions On It:
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