Oppenheimer – Breakfast In Nyc chords


Oppenheimer – Breakfast In NYC
use capo on 4th fret

[A] Summer’s in your heart
But I [D] know that you’re staying
[F#m] Taking a ride but it [E] feels like we’re paying
For the [A] madness that occurred with a [D] ticket to good times
[F#m] Hunter promised this but [E] he wasn’t ready

For the [A] first time
[F#m] Standing with my friends in the [C#m] bright light
[D] Saw you going crazy on the [A] dance floor
I’ve [F#m] taken one already but I [C#m] want more
[D] This time I wanna feel it [A]

[A] Breakfast in New York
And I [D] know that we’re dreaming
[F#m] Drunken conversations and the [E] things we were scheming
To get [A] out of this town and take a [D] trip underground
How [F#m] Peyton promised this but [E] he wasn’t ready


Chorded by: Roithy
Email: ruthtan@live.com
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