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Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 01:40:49 -0500
From: jbelaire@adrian.adrian.edu (SANTA WAS A TKE...)
Subject: Fire On Ice by Oragic

Fire On Ice by Oragic
Words and Music by Jason Belaire
Tabbed by Jason Belaire (jbelaire@adrian.adrian.edu)

Guitar 1: Acoustic 6 String
Guitar 2: Electric, Distorted

Tempo: 80 bpm

Intro: (Guitar 1) Am EmE|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|----1---0-h1--3-----1---0-------|----1---0-h1--3-----1---1-------|G|----2---2-----2-----2-----0---0-|----2---2-----2-----2-----------|D|----------------------------2---|--------------------------------|A|0-----0-----0-----0---0---------|0-----0-----0-----0---0---------|E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
Play 2x for Intro ========================================================================== Figure 1: Verse (Guitar 1 plays figure, Guitar 2 strums each chord once.)
Am C G DE|--------------------------------| Play 4X = 1 VerseB|----1---------------1-------3---|G|------0-------0-------0---2---0-|D|--2---------2-----0-----0-------|A|0-------3-----------------------|E|----------------3---------------|
Figure 2: Chorus (Guitar 1 & 2 play figure)
Am CE|--0-x-0-0---0-0---3-x-0-2---2-2-| Play 4X = 1 ChorusB|--1-x-0-1---1-1---0-x-0-3---3-3-|G|--2-x-0-0---0-0---0-x-0-2---2-2-|D|--2-x-0-2---2-2---0-x-0-0---0-0-|A|0---x-0-3---3-3-------0---------|E|----------------3---x-----------|
Play Map: INTRO (p) VERSE (mp) VERSE (mf) CHORUS (f) VERSE (mf) CHORUS (f) VERSE (mf) SOLO over CHORUS (A PENTATONIC/BLUES) (f) VERSE (mp) ENDING Lyrics: LOST VERSES -- DAMMIT!!! :( CHORUS: Fire on ice just don't mix well Ask anyone and they will tell Stay away boy 'cause she'll burn your soul Flames from hell that bottomless hole Comments, suggestions, flames, money, record deals, women, jokes, and beer will be gladly accepted! :) ========================================================================== Copyright (C) 1995 The Music of Honeywell's Kids. All rights reserved.
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