Orange And Lemons - Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot tab

heto yng whole album chords ng "Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot"
Astig talga ONL
Dedicated 2ng tab na 2 kay Mark at kay Jeff at kay kuya Pochi(^_^)

e2 na 1st song 

Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot

Intro: Gm-Eb/G-Gm6-Eb/G- 
          Gm        EbM7
Thirty days of solitude
    Bb                 D7               Gm
Is all it takes to realize my mistake
        Bb                    EbM7
The lights has turned green
 D7                                 Gm
Got to catch the plane of passion

Cm                   EbM7          D7 
      Time to stop        wondering
Cm                   EbM7          D7
      And redirect        everything
     Cm                    Cm7
Instead of counting sheeps
                 Adim7           D7
In hope for far-fetched dreams

          Gm             Bb
For it might be too late
 EbM7               D7    Gm 
Seven years is quite enough
  Bb                  EbM7   D7
Strike whilst the iron is hot
                  Gm           Bb-EbM7
Before the flames die down
        D7                Gm
And everything’s forgotten
      EbM7            D7
Self-promises broken
No, no, no…

Gm          EbM7
One bright sunny day
We could be gone
       D7                          Gm
And never get another chance
             Bb        D7
And the world is over
      Gm                    Bb
Lets be a song and dance team
                    EbM7           D7
And wipe the town off our feet
             Gm                    Bb
Hum the tune and say the words
Ebm7-D7                  Gm
So----on they’ll sing along

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

2nd song

Hanggang Kailan

Intro: EbM7 - F - G - G-5 - G - G-5 EbM7 - F - G - G-5 - G/Fbreak
G7 CM7 Labis na naiinip Cm7 GG/Fbreak Nayayamot sa bawat saglit G7 CM7 Kapag naaalala ka Cm7 Wala naman akong GG/F – G7break magawa Refrain: Am7 Umuwi ka na baby Cm7 Hindi na ako sanay ng wala ka G Bdim EE7 Mahirap ang mag-isa Am At sa gabi’y hinahanap-hanap EbM7F kita… Chorus: CM7/G G Hanggang kailan ako maghihintay CM7/G Na makasama ka muli G G/F Sa buhay kong puno ng paghihirap G7 CM7/G Na tanging ikaw lang ang G Pumapawi sa mga luha CM7 EbM7 At naglalagay ng ngiti F - GG/Fbreak sa mga labi G7 CM7 ‘Di mapigilang mag-isip Cm7 Na baka sa tagal GG/Fbreak Mahulog ang loob mo sa iba G7-CM7 Cm7 Nakakabalisa, knock on wood GG/F – G7break ‘Wag naman sana (Repeat Refrain & Chorus except last word) G G7 labi…. CM7/G Umuwi ka na baby…. G Umuwi ka na baby…. CM7/GGG/FG7 Umuwi ka na baby…. CM7/G Umuwi ka na baby…. G Umuwi ka na baby…. CM7/GGG/FG7 Umuwi ka na baby…. Coda: EbM7 - F - G - G-5 - G - G-5 EbM7 – Fbreak, Gbreak 3rd song Cycle Of Love Castro-Fundales Intro: A9---AM9---(2x)
Ahhh….DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7 DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7pause
DM7 Bm7 Yet you take another risk, you say Em7 A7 But doesn’t everyone everyday do so DM7-Bm7 Em7 A7 one way or another DM7 Like a person Bm7 Em7 Crossing the street on a red light A7 You chose the path DM7-Bm7 Em7-A7 That leads to my door Refrain1: Am7 D7 G I’m not doing anything Don’t blame me Am7 D7 You hate the rain so tell me Bm7 E7 What is wrong, what is wrong? A9---AM9---A9---AM9---- With this cycle of love
Adlib: DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7-B-B7
EM7 C#m7 What you are is like the rain, I say F#m7 B7 As spontaneous as the earth EM7 You stir me C#m7 F#m7 B7 Being fool to fancy EM7 I’m a person C#m7 F#m7 Crossing the streets at random B7 I found a path EM7-C#m7 F#m7-B7 That leads to your door Refrain2: Bm7 E7 A You’re not doing anything A So blame me Bm7 E7 You hate the rain But tell me C#m7 F#7 What is wrong, what is wrong? (Coda) With this cycle Coda: B9 BM9 Cycle of love… B9 BM9 Cycle of love… B9 BM9 Cycle of… B9 BM9 Cycle of… B9 BM9 B Cycle of… Love. 4th song Rock-A-Bye Castro-Fundales Intro: C7----- FM7 You can rock my baby C But not on a tree-top FM7 You can rock my baby G7 F7 C’mon don’t stop Refrain 1: C7 Then the wind will blow F7 Through your mind and soul G7 Hold the cradle still F7 C’mon let’s roll Chorus: F7 G7break Rock my baby good C7 But don’t make her sleep F7 G7break Rock my baby good C7--- But don’t make her weep FM7 Hold on the bough is breaking C My baby’s gonna crack FM7 Get a hold of the cradle G7 F7 C’mon don’t stop Refrain 2: C7 You should know better F7 Than to make her fall G7 I’m gonna get you, brother F7 Someone’s head is gonna roll (Repeat Chorus)
Adlib: C7-C7-C7-C7C7---F7---G7---breakC7----
(Repeat Chorus twice to end) 5th Pabango Ng 'Yong Mata Castro-Fundales Intro: A-E-A-E-A-E-F#m-E-B-B7/Eb Chorus: A E ‘Wag ka nang manangis irog Abm7 F#m7 Sayang lamang ang luha mo Abm7 F#m7 May paggagamitan ka nyan F#m7 B A-A9-A Ako’y malapit nang mamatay F#m7 Abm7 At saka mo na diligin A A9-A Ang libingan ko Am E Am-B7 Ng pabango ng ‘yong mga mata E A9 Luha, kusa na lang dumadaloy CM7 E Sa mga pagkakataong Bm7 Nagpapaalalang A9 Am Tayo’y tao lamang E A9 Pagsisisi, lagi na lang sa huli CM7 E Sa mga pagkakataong Bm7 Nakakalimot A9 Am-A9-Am Pagkat tayo’y tao lamang (Repeat Chorus except last line) Am E E7 Ng pabango ng ‘yong mga mata Bridge: Am Am7/G D7/F# Pilitin man tumindig G D/F# CM7 Upang ikay mayapos man lang ng mahigpit Am Am7/G Kusang napapahandusay F#dim B Em E7 Sa aking malupit na papag Am Am7/G D7/F# Nabibilang ko ang sikat ng araw G D/F# Parang kay bilis na ng ikot ng CM7 mundo Am Am7/G F#dim Marahil ito na ang huling awit at B Em CM7 B7 hapdi na ipadarama ko sa’yo (Repeat Intro and Chorus) Coda: F#m7 Abm7 At saka mo na diligin A A9-A Ang libingan ko Am E Ng pabango ng ‘yong mga mata 6th Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown) Castro-Fundales Intro: EM7-AM7-EM7-AM7 EM7 There are times AM7 When I’m lying in my bed EM7 How I bellow and cry AM7 From this stupid get EM7 And my eyes AM7 EM7 Are like windshields on a rainy day AM7 Almost rubbed-out, swelling As I keep on Abm7 Diggin’ my face A In these cold hands of mine Abm7 Fm7 Heaven knows how embittered E Esus-Ebreak I am Chorus: AM7 Cause this angel has flown Abm7 away from me F#m7 B E Leaving me in drunken misery AM7 I should have clipped her wings Abm7 And made her mine F#m7 B For all eternity AM7 Now this angel has flown Abm7 away from me F#m7 B I thought I had the strength to set her E free AM7 I did what I did Abm7 Because I love her so DM7 Will she ever find her way FM7 EM7-AM7break Back home to me, oohh EM7 I’m so tired AM7 I feel like catching forty winks EM7 Being up all night AM7 From this elbow-room Am EM7 That puts me in a trance AM7 Where hopes and dreams EM7-AM7 come true EM7 AM7 Now my lips are burning EM7 AM7 And my eyes are hurting Abm7 From these fumes I make A Abm7 Still I light another cigarette A Just to pass my time Abm7 F#m7 Oh, heaven knows how embittered E Esus-Epause I am (Repeat Chorus except last line) FM7 Back home to me… EM7-CM7oBdim7oAm7oEM7pause Ohh.. 7th Yer So Special Castro-Fundales Intro: D-D7-Gm-Bb6 (2x) D D7 There is this one special day G Gm That sent my mind in disarray F# F#7 Bm The girl I thought that was already lost G A D Came to me when I need love most D7 G All the sadness and the pain subside F#7 Bm Bm7 Replaced by love and happiness inside G Oh, you really can’t tell A Abreak When things will turn the way D You want them to be Refrain: A Bm D Em Oh, I’ll never be lonely again F# G A Just as long as you stand by me now D And everyday F#7 I’ll spend my time G A Abreak Findin’ out why yer so special (Repeat Intro) D D7 I still can recall the past G Gm When we thought our love would last F# F#7 Bm Then came a day to my dismay G A D Misunderstanding got in our way D7 G It took me a year to think it over F# Bm Bm7 If there was hope for me to recover G A Oh, I struggled so hard and really tried Abreak D To keep our love alive (Repeat Refrain)
Adlib: D-F#7-G-AD-F#7-G-A-D
(Repeat Refrain) D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special (Repeat Intro to End) 8th The Nerve Castro-Fundales Intro: A-E/Ab-F#m-E/Ab (4x) A E/Ab F#m-E/Ab I do not have the nerve A E/Ab F#m E/Ab-A To take a chance on you E/Ab F#m--E I find it hard to tell you D E Cause it’s hard for me Bm A/C# D Ebreak To take this feeling of hopelessness (Repeat Intro) A E/Ab F#m-E/Ab I live in a secret world A E/Ab Hoping to wake up F#m E/Ab-A When things get star—ted E/Ab F#m And it’s not too late E D E-D-Epause To be strong Chorus: A9 AM9 Time has no meaning D E My love will never end A9 AM9 Time has no meaning D E D-Epause But when can I make it work (Repeat Intro) A E/Ab F#m-E/Ab-A I’ve been here before E/Ab F#m E/Ab Could I need you too much A E/Ab The impression you sell F#m E D A thousand wild flowers’ scent E D-Ebreak I fly too much (When can I make it work?) (Repeat Refrain except last line) D But when can I, when can I E Adlib When can I make it work Adlib: F#-Bbm-Bb-Ebm-D-E (2x) B9 BM9 Time has no meaning E F# My love will never end B9 BM9 Time has no meaning E F# But when can I make it work B9 BM9 Time has no meaning E F# My love will never end B9 BM9 Time has no meaning E But when can I, when can I F# G#pause When can I make it work 9th Caught In A Line Castro-Fundales Intro: CM7reak, AM7break, Dbreak, E-E7-E-E7-E-E7-Dsus/AO-D/AO E G#m7 Unknowingly C#m7 G#m7 You creep into my thoughts Gm7-F#m7 Am7 Li-------ke a bad disease E D-B-Dsus/AO-D/AO Without a cure E G#m7 Nothing left to do C#m7 G#m7 But accept or let it slip away Gm7-F#m7 Am7 Or harbor and indulge E E7 If I may Refrain: E/B-Cm-C#m Mad frustrations F# F#7 B Superceded with a fascinating B6 countenance CM7pause AM7pause I myself couldn’t un-------- Dpause E-E7-E-E7-Dsus/AO-D/AO dersta-----nd E G#m7 Oh, when I’m near you C#m7 G#m7 It makes me bite my fingers through Gm7-F#m7 Am7 And I breathe in too deep E-D-B-D/AO-AO So here I go… E Like a superimposed thought G#m7 On top of me C#m7 I’ve never been so frantically G#m7 Gm7-F#m7-Am7 See-through head be----fore G#m7-F#m7-Am7-Ebreak No… Chorus: AM7 EM7 Like a fish caught in a line AM7 EM7 Without even laying bait of any kind F#m7-G#m7 Who-oh… A B Who-oh… AM7 EM7 Like a fragrance so sweet, yet darkly F#m7 G#m7 inhabiting my body A B Strange how two worlds collide, oh… (Repeat Intro) E G#m7 Without you here C#m7 G#m7 I never shed a tear Gm7-F#m7 Am7 Oh, I have never lied like this E-D-B-D/A-A before E G#m7 Nowhere else to go C#m7 G#m7 Solitary stroll along the road Gm7-F#m7 Am7 Will someone share a ride E E7 I don’t know… (Repeat Refrain & 2nd Stanza) (Repeat Chorus except last line) A Strange how two worlds collide B E Oh, where could I hide? 10th Lihim Castro-Fundales
Intro: D-DM7/C#-F#m (2X)Bm-Bm7/A-F#m (2X)Em-F#m-G-G-F#m-Em-F#m-Gm-Bb-Bb/D-C/E-D/F#-D6
D-F#m Bm F#m ‘Di na malilimutan pa G Sa bawat sandaling F#m Bm Ako’y iyong hagkan Bb Bb/D-C/E-D Ang ‘yong mga halik D F#m Bm F#m Sana’y ‘wag nang matapos pa G Aking nadarama F#m Bm Sa tuwing kapiling ka Bb Bb/D-C/E-D/F#-D Ako’y nasa----sa---bik Refrain: D-DM7-D F#m Sa ‘yo lamang ilalaan Bm Bm7 Ang isang ligayang/pagsuyong GM7 Walang hanggan Em Gm Kahit na/pa nagsasama tayo Gm-F#m-Em Apause Sa I----sang (Do Intro) Kasalanan D-F#m Bm F#m Bi-hag tayo ng panahon G F#m At pagkakataong puno ng Bm pangambang Bb Bb/D-C/E D Ika’y mawa----lay pa D-F#m Bm F#m Sana’y ‘wag nang matapos pa G Aking nadarama F#m Bm Sa tuwing kapiling ka Bb Bb/D-C/E-D/F#-D Ako’y nasa----sa---bik (Repeat Refrain except last word) Adlib1 Kasalanan
Adlib1: F#m-Bm-F#m-BmEm-A-Em-AF#m-Bm-F#m-BmEm-A-Em-C pause
DM7 ‘Di na mahalaga Bm Ang sasabihin nila Em Basta’t may pag-ibig G Gm Gm/A-Bb-Bb/D-C/E-Gm Sa ating dalawa
Adlib2: D---Bm---Em---G---Gm-Bb-Bb/D-C/E-D/F#-D6
(Repeat Refrain and Intro Chord Pattern to end) 11th Chatter's Tale Castro-Fundales Intro: Bm-G7-F#7 (2x) Em-G7-F#7 (2x) Bm Em We met in a chat room Bm Em I asked for your name Bm Your age too soon Em You asked for location Bm I gave you my phone F#7 You called me home Bm Em We met in a coffee room Bm Em You’re wearing a tank top Bm That’s so cool Em The way that you flashed your smile Bm The look in your eyes F#7 It blew my mind Adlib: Bm-G7-F#7 (2x) Em-G7-F#7 (2x) Bm Em Picked you up in a classroom Bm Em We went to a movie in a mall Bm Em I hooked-up your shoulders Bm F#7 You gave me a kiss that did it all Bm Em Bm We went to your bedroom Em You took off your clothes Bm My heart went Boom! Em The passion we shared G7 F#7 Was unbelievable Em How many times we did it G7 F#7 I can’t recall Adlib: Bm-G7-F#7 Bm-G7-F#7 Em-G7-F#7 Em-G7-F#7 12th Tomorrow Castro-Fundales Intro: FM7-BbM7 FM7 BbM7 FM7 Why be anxious of the things BbM7-FM7 That makes us sad BbM7 Why pamper lifes dilemmas FM7 When it brings you down BbM7 G7 And makes a downhearted fool BbM7 Out of you G7 Why live in despair EbM7 break When you’ve got a lot of things D7 in store Refrain: G G7 For Tomorrow EbM7 D7 I will make a happy day G G7 Out of Tomorrow EbM7 D7 And I’ll sing an exhilarating song G G7-EbM7-D7-C7pause For Tomorrow FM7 BbM7 Why be down in the dumps FM7 BbM7 When a lot of people care FM7 BbM7 You maybe ordinary FM7 BbM7 But especially ordinary FM7 BbM7 And you’re just a stone throw away G7 BbM7 From being the best you can be G7 Why live in the past EbM7 break When you’ve got a lot of things D7 in store (Repeat Refrain) Pkirate nmn oh sana magustuhan nyo Bsta ONL ROCK!!!ASTIG!!! Salamat.........
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