Orange And Lemons - Strike Whislt The Iron Is Hot tab

Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot

Intro: Gm-Eb/G-Gm6-Eb/G- 
          Gm        EbM7
Thirty days of solitude
    Bb                 D7               Gm
Is all it takes to realize my mistake
        Bb                    EbM7
The lights has turned green
 D7                                 Gm
Got to catch the plane of passion

Cm                   EbM7          D7 
      Time to stop        wondering
Cm                   EbM7          D7
      And redirect        everything
     Cm                    Cm7
Instead of counting sheeps
                 Adim7           D7
In hope for far-fetched dreams

          Gm             Bb
For it might be too late
 EbM7               D7    Gm 
Seven years is quite enough
  Bb                  EbM7   D7
Strike whilst the iron is hot
                  Gm           Bb-EbM7
Before the flames die down
        D7                Gm
And everything’s forgotten
      EbM7            D7
Self-promises broken
No, no, no…

Gm          EbM7
One bright sunny day
We could be gone
       D7                          Gm
And never get another chance
             Bb        D7
And the world is over
      Gm                    Bb
Lets be a song and dance team
                    EbM7           D7
And wipe the town off our feet
             Gm                    Bb
Hum the tune and say the words
EbM7-D7                  Gm
So----on they’ll sing along

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
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