Orange And Lemons – Cycle Of Love tab

song title: cycle of love
artist: orange and lemons
chords by: ianlloydrosales

Cycle Of Love

Intro: A9-AM9(2x)Ahhh….DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7 DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7pause
DM7 Bm7 Yet you take another risk, you say Em7 A7 But doesn’t everyone everyday do so DM7-Bm7 Em7 A7 one way or another DM7 Like a person Bm7 Em7 Crossing the street on a red light A7 You chose the path DM7-Bm7 Em7-A7 That leads to my door Refrain1: Am D7 G I’m not doing anything Don’t blame me Am D7 You hate the rain so tell me Bm7 E7 What is wrong, what is wrong? A9 AM9-A9-AM9 With this cycle of love
Adlib: DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7DM7-Bm7-Em7-A7-B-B7
Em7 C#m7 What you are is like the rain, I say F#m7 B7 As spontaneous as the earth Em7 You stir me C#m7 F#m7 B7 Being fool to fancy Em7 I’m a person C#m7 F#m7 Crossing the streets at random B7 I found a path Em7-C#m7 F#m7-B7 That leads to your door Refrain2: Bm7 E7 A You’re not doing anything A So blame me Bm7 E7 You hate the rain But tell me C#m7 F#7 What is wrong, what is wrong? (Coda) With this cycle Coda: B9 BM9 Cycle of love… B9 BM9 Cycle of love… B9 BM9 Cycle of… B9 BM9 Cycle of… B9 BM9 B Cycle of… Love.
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