Orange And Lemons - Yer So Special tab

        mga tol madali lng e2 try nyu... pki rate n lng...ty

D-D7-Gm-Bb6 (2x)

   D                       D7
There is this one special day
         G                      Gm
That sent my mind in disarray
       F#                      F#7            Bm
The girl I thought that was already lost
              G                  A           D
Came to me when I need love most
            D7                       G
All the sadness and the pain subside
        F#7                  Bm            Bm7
Replaced by love and happiness inside
Oh, you really can’t tell
           A                         Abreak
When things will turn the way
You want them to be

 A         Bm        D          Em
Oh, I’ll never be lonely again
 F#                            G                A
Just as long as you stand by me now
And everyday
I’ll spend my time
   G                   A    Abreak
Findin’ out why yer so special

(Repeat Intro)

D                D7
I still can recall the past
   G                              Gm
When we thought our love would last
  F#              F#7                  Bm
Then came a day to my dismay
                  G               A         D
Misunderstanding got in our way
                     D7                  G
It took me a year to think it over
                   F#                   Bm    Bm7
If there was hope for me to recover
            G                               A
Oh, I struggled so hard and really tried
       Abreak            D
To keep our love alive

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Refrain) D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special D-G A Yer so special (Repeat Intro to End)
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