Ord Maren – Relate To tab

official website:  www.marenord.com
Maren Ord is from Alberta, Canada.  She is a singer/songwriter and wrote all of
the music and lyrics on her first cd, Waiting.  She is currently writing songs
for her new cd.  The song "Perfect" form her first album was featured in the
movie "Crazy/Beautiful" with Kirsten Dunst, and the song "Sarah", also from her
first album, was featured in the movie "Sweet November" with Keanu Reeves.  
			     Relate To by Maren Ord

Tabbed by:Susan Jupinder


From the album: Waiting

*capo 1*

(see below for Riff)

Intro: Riff   C   D   Em   x2

Verse 1:
C    D      Em     Riff
 You stroll along
C   D         Em       
 Retrace your footsteps
C    D     Em
 You see a child
C     D    Em 
 He's left alone

Verse 2:
C   D     Em   Riff
 Alone to say
C   D       Em
 Alone with no one to play
C      D         Em
 You recall your childhood
C      D        Em      C     D
 Still lonesome today

    G         C        G
All he wanted was a friend
Someone he could talk to
Relate to

Em   C   Em   C   Em   C   Emsus

Verse 3:
Riff   C    D       Em     Riff
        You turn to reach 
C    D        Em
 But then you look away
C    D       Em
 Nothing's accomplished
C    D       Em
 Two shadows fade

Verse 4:
C     D  Em      Riff
 What to grow as
C     D        Em
 What will you grow up to become
C      D         Em
 Where are these answers
C        D    Em     C     D
 They'll come along

Chorus (as above)

Em    D      C          D     Em          
  You wonder why you're still alone
    D       C             D
You cry all night on your rooftop
Em         C   D
  What are you hiding
      C        D       Em
Is it something I must know

Riff   C   D   Em   x2

C   D

Chorus x2


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