Ordinary Boys – Talk Talk Talk tab

			     Talk, Talk, Talk - The Ordinary Boys
Tabbed by:liam

Tuning: standard

Sorry i havent put the chord figures on, but im sure you can find them somehwere, theyre all in barr form.

Verse 1

(Bass intro)
A healthy argument to start the day

What better way

We chew the fat of life

We're moved to tears

Lend me your ears
G                             D                          F                  
But you spend all your time waiting in static shopping lines
                  G                    D
And all your troublesome debates are solved in glossy magazines


    Bm                        C
Ah, too much small talk leads to a small mind,
     Bm                                          D
So tell me what your views are and i'll tell you mine

G                               F C                          
So, how`s the weather?    "Grey and boring"
G                            F C
It`s back to work on       "Monday morning"
G                            F                                  
Oh, let it go, tell me things I`d like to know
G                   F                       
Frighten me enlighten me uh oh

Solo... this took me a while but i'm sure it sounds up to standarde|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-15b-15b-15b-12----------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------14-12b-12b-12b-12b-12-12-9-9-11-9-9--11b-11/7----------11-|D|--------------------------------------------------11----11/7-9-9-11/13---|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------11b--------------------------------|G|----------(13p11--11----------------)------------------------------------|D|-13-13-13-(-----13--13-11-13-11-11--)-------The part in brackets is not--|A|----------(-----------------------13)-------entirely correct; but it-----|E|--------------------------------------------sounds ok if you play quickly|
Verse 2 G D F Opinions can be void if not presented from both sides C G D So speak your mind my dear , your loves and fears F C and nothing in between G D F C initiate debates about the way you hate the things I slay G D F C I`d rather that than spend another minute killing time (Repeat Chorus)
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