Original Cast - Conflicted chords

V1 -
(Em) (C)I remember the day I realized
(G)You were the finest sight
(D)With bright blue eyes
(Em) (C)I walked into you, I said sorry
(G) (D)But you turned around, and said "It was my fault anyways"
(Em) (D~once)It felt like forever but I woke up and realized
Pre-Chorus -
(C)It was only a few seconds
(D) (C)Though heck with it, I really wanna mention
(D)I feel like I've seen you before
(Am)And you keep me wanting more
(Em)I don't know what to do
(C)I barely know you
(G)I've had you memorized for so long
(D)I've written you amillion songs
(Em) (C)I know it seems like I've got it all sorted out
(G) (D)But those words just won't come out of my mouth
(D~once, G)I'm so conflicted
(Em)I don't wanna miss you
(G) (D) (Em~once) (C~once)But I can't stand to feel regret for a chance I'll never get
(Em, C, G, D) V2 -
(Em) (C)You were wearing the most beautiful green
(G) (D)But honestly anything on you would look amazing
(Em) (C)I can't bring myself to seeing me with anyone but you
(G) (D)I can see it, us, the perfect two
(Em) (C)I wanna know what being with you is like
(G) (D) (Em) (C) (G) (D~once)I know I should just ask, and all this thinking is wasting time
Pre-Chorus -
(C) (D)I could be the girl you hate to love
(C) (D)But I'll be perfect, the one you're dreaming of
(C) (G)I'm not gonna change who I am for you
(C) (D)But something tells me I won't have to
(C) (G)You're not a dream, you're so real
(C) (D~once)And that's what makes me feel the way I feel
(C) (Em) (D) (Em)Oh do I wanna take a chance?
(C) (Em) (D)Do I wanna put everything on the line?
(C) (Em) (C) (D)And leave my world I know behind
(C) (Em) (D) (Em)I know it sounds crazy when you put it that way
(C) (D)It's hard to explain...
Verse 3 -
(Em) (C)I get dressed specialy for you
(G) (D)I smell of candy and flowers too
(Em) (C)I'll wake up, looking forward to seeing you
(G (progressing)) (D) I'll put on my make up, hoping this is the day my dreams come true
(C) No, I don't wanna miss an oppurtunity
(Em) (D)I don't wanna wonder what could've been
(Em)And I can't help but wonder,..
(C)Would you ever sing this back to me?
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