Osbourne Ozzy – Mr Crowley tab

Mr crowley chords by Ozzy Osbourne.
Ok that is my first chords writting but im very sure that is the right  sound.so try it.  
        Dm                         Bb
Mr Crowley , what went on in your head
        Dm                        Bb
Mr Crowley , did you talk to the dead
      C                                        Dm
Your lifestyle to me seem so tragic , with the trill of it all
     C                                        Bb                 A
You fool all the people with magic , and you waiting on satan's door
        Dm                            Bb
Mr Charming , did you think you were pure
        Dm                  Bb
Mr Alarming , in nocturnal rapport
   C                                   Dm                              
Uncovering thing that were sacred manifest on this earth
    C                                          Bb                   A
Conceived in the eyes of a secret , yeah they scattered the afterbirth yeah

        Dm                           Bb
Mr Crowley , wont you ride my white horse
        Dm                    Bb
Mr Crowley , its symbolic of course
    C                                             Dm                        
Approaching a time that is classic , i hear that maidens call
    C                                 Bb                               A    
Approaching a time that is classic , standing with there backs to the wall

Interlude  (go check the tabs to know the interlude)

Was it polimically sent

I want to know what you meant

I want to know , i want to know what you meant         yeah

SOLO to the end.
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