Otx – The Last One Standing tab

Tabbed by: Wolfe
Email: None

Tuning: Standard

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

I just tabbed this song because I felt like it...And I know its a 100% sure its right
so trust me. If it sounds diff to you then that means you screwed up because The person
who wrote this song also tabbed it to this site. Yes thats right im the guitarist for
the band oTx. I fyou play the song right and sing it roght it sounds good. This is one
of oTx's First songs so it;s not to heavy yet...But it still is awsome oTx forever.

Intro (CLEAN)e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|-------7---------8---------7---------8----------|A|-6-5-5---5-5-6-6---6-6-5-5---5-5-6-6---6-6-5-5--|E|------------------------------------------------|
First verse of song is sung with only bass playing in the backround. To make it sound exactly like the real song come into the middle of the first verse with the guitar quietly
First verse (CLEAN) (guitar come into this verse in the middle of it quietly)e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------|D|-h77777--h77777--h7777h88888--h88888--h8888--|A|-h55555--h55555--h5555h66666--h66666--h6666--|E|---------------------------------------------|
Play same same as first verse but loud and come right into the beginning of the chorus not in the middle
Chorus (Heavy Distortion)e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------|D|-h77777--h77777--h7777h88888--h88888--h8888--|A|-h55555--h55555--h5555h66666--h66666--h6666--|E|---------------------------------------------|
Last verse (Same as intro) Play slowly and quietlye|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|-------7---------8---------7---------8----------| A|-6-5-5---5-5-6-6---6-6-5-5---5-5-6-6---6-6-5-5--|E|------------------------------------------------|
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