Our Lady Peace - Dreamland Acoustic chords

I got this song by just listening..so maybe isn't alright...
but I supose it's ok...
Play it by strumming..

Tunning Standard

EA mother sets the dinner table
B A5 BSon crashes to the pavement, yeah
EA father working just to make ends
B A5 BWe spend our lives to try and make sense of it
F#mBut I, I feel the love, I feel the power
A5It comes to me in the darkest hour
BAnd I, I wanna feel it again
A5 E BIn this dreamland the kids are alright
C#4 And the sky is blue
A5 E B We all got wings and know how to fly
C#4 I made it to the moon
F#m A5The sun on my face, my head in the clouds
BTime on my side, my feet off the ground
E BI'm not coming down,
A5 Bnot coming down
Verse 2 The summer ends, the ocean dries up A stranger dies and no one gives a fuck (The same as at the first) I take a look over my shoulder All my friends have gotten older, oh yeah, oh yeah Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge:
A5 B C#4 Change just to change,
break just to break Blame just to blame
F#m A5My head in the clouds, feet off the ground
BI'm not coming down
A5 E B C#4 I'm not coming down,
I'm not coming down I'm not coming down, I'm not coming down And ends on B :D that's all I hope it can be useful for you :D seeya! ;)
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