Our Lady Peace - Innocent tab version 2

                               Our Lady Peace - Innocent

Tabbed by: Rygor42
Email: rlgoralczyk@gmail.com

Artist: Our Lady Peace
Song: Innocent 
Album: Gravity
Tuning: 1/2 step down

Just some notes (and you should read this before criticizing):
- This tab is rated intermediate due to the difficulty of the chords & switching
- I tried to make this as simple as possible while incorporating the proper elements;
 but don't take it note for note, as the saying goes. Listen to the song and play what
 you feel is right; play your interpretation of the song. This is a base for you to be
 creative with; I just wanted to provide correct chords & positions.
- play the Dsus2 in open position for the last chord
- the Esus2 & Bsus4 are played on the last beat of the bar before going to the next
 chord; they are just hit once in transition. If you can't hear them, or don't think
 full chord should be played, simply hit the bass note for those chords in transition
- it's not necessary to fret the 'e' string on the B or A chords
- A can be played higher up, like the B, or as an Asus
- A in the pre-chorus can be played as Asus
- in the last verses/choruses, I didn't mark every transition chord. It's up to you
 whether or not to play them, sounds good either way, depends on style you're playing
 the song
- when the distorted guitar comes in (first chorus), it's just playing the open
 positions of the chords in an 3-note arpeggio-style (you'll know what I mean if you
 listen to the song...)
- when the heavier guitar comes in (second verse), it's simply playing the power
 chords for the notes; nothing fancy going on except sliding back and forth (same as
 the bass pretty much)
- I have no clue what's going on in the funky interlude with the lead, but it's based
 on the same chord progression so yeah...
- if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email me at the address given above
- if you notice anything that doesn't belong or isn't right, please say so in the
 comments below so I can try to fix it, as well as letting others know the correction
(eg: if I named a chord wrongly - after the time I put into this, the name of the
 chord is irrelevant so long as the fingerings are correct)


   Dsus2          Esus2              Asus4                G                 B
E A D G B e    E A D G B e        E A D G B e        E A  D G B e    E A  D  G  B  e
x 5 7 7 5 5    x 7 9 9 7 7        x 0 7 9 1010       x 10 9 7 8 7    x 14 13 11 12 11
   (OPEN)           A                (OPEN)            (OPEN)             (OPEN)
E A D G B e   E A  D  G B  e      E A D G B e        E A D G B e       E A D G B e
x 0 0 2 3 0   x 12 11 9 10 9      x 0 2 2 3 0        3 x 0 0 3 0       x 2 4 4 x 2

Distorted Arpgeggio Riff:
(again, just an outline, it's played differently each chorus, play it your own way,
but note how it always returns to the 3rd on B and open on 'e', those notes matter)

Dsus2 Asus4 G B Ae|-------0------------0-------------0----------------------|B|----3-----3------3-----3-------3-----3-------3------2-3--|G|-------------------------------------------------2-------|-play either 2nd fret on A,D|-0------------2-------------0--------------------2-------|-but not bothA|--------------0-------------x-------------2--------------|E|----------------------------3----------------------------|
CHORDS & LYRICS: [Verse 1] Dsus2 Esus2 Asus4 Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous Bsus4 G Spends his time alone in the basement B With Lennon and Cobain and A Dsus2 A guitar and a stereo Esus2 Asus4 And while he wishes he could escape this Bsus4 G But it all seems so contagious B Not to be yourself and faceless A G In a song that has no soul [PreChorus] A I remember feeling low, and G I remember losing hope, and B I remember all the feelings A And the day they stopped [Chorus] Dsus2 Esus2 Asus4 We are, we are all innocent, Bsus4 G We are all innocent B A We are, we are... Dsus2 Esus2 Asus4 We are, we are all innocent, Bsus4 G We are all innocent B A We are, we are... [Verse 2] Dsus2 Esus2 Asus4 Oh, and Tina's losing faith in what she knows Bsus4 G Hates her music, hates all of her clothes B Thinks of surgery and a new nose A Dsus2 Every calorie is a war Esus2 Asus4 And while she wishes she was a dancer Bsus4 G And that she'd never heard of cancer B She wishes God would give her some answers A Dsus2 And make her feel beautiful [PreChorus] [Chorus] [Instrumental Bridge] (no transition chords; Esus2 & Bsus4) Dsus2 Asus4 G B A [Bridge contd] Dsus2 Asus4 G One day, you'll have to let it go, B You'll have to let it go, A No... Dsus2 Asus4 G One day, you'll stand up on your own B You'll stand up on your own A Yeah... G A Remember losing hope, G Remember feeling low, B Remember all the feelings A and the day they stopped [Interlude] Dsus2 Asus4 G B A [Chorus] [Last Chorus] Dsus2 Asus4 We are, we are all innocent (One day, you'll..) G We are all innocent (..have to let it go, you'll..) B A We are, we are (..have to let it go, no..) Dsus2 Asus4 We are, we are all innocent (One day, you'll..) G We are all innocent (..stand up on your own, you'll) B A We are, we are (stand up on your own) Dsus2 We are...
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