Our Lady Peace - The Wonderful Future tab

Name: Mike M.

Tabs: Song:  The Wonderful Future
Artist:  Our Lady Peace
Album:  Spiritual Machines
Tab by:  Mike M.  Phishytoast@aol.com

Hey everyone.  Big OLP fan here.  While OLP playes like everything 
tuned down 1/2 step, i am way too lazy, let alone not nearly skilled enough 
to tune down properly.  Everytime i do it sounds pretty bad.  So this 
tab is written in STANDARD tuning (EADGBe).  

Now this song is syncopated, which means the notes are played on the 
off-beats.  So you'll have to listen to the song to pick up the rhythem.  
But it sounds great.INTRO:  (this is played all through the song at different times)

e---------9-8-9h-8p-9h/6-----------6----B--9-9-9-----------------9-9-7-7----9---G---------------------------------------D-------------------------------------- 2xA---------------------------------------E---------------------------------------
that weird thing on the 'e' string with the hammer pull off and slide is a quick trill. you will have to play with it, but listen to the song and you will catch on quickly. VERSE: F# D# She builds her own satellite C# C# From an old rusted chair . . . This chord progression repeats until the intro comes in again. Then the chords are played along with the intro.
here are the chord forms: F# D# C#e----------------------B--11------8------6----G--11------8------6----D--9-------6------4----A----------------------E----------------------
This song basicaly uses that intro, and these chords. This isn't everything obviously, they jam out quite a bit, but i believe they stay pretty close to that intro h=hammer p=pull off /=slideAgain, I wrote this in STANDARD tuning. Enjoy! Oh yeah, if you havn't yet, if you have this album, leave this song on for like 20 minutes and there is a hidden track. It's just that guy talking to a machine, but it's kinda freaky weird. But hey, i was bored. Enjoy the tab, add to it if you want! Mike M. phishytoast@aol.com
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