Our Last Night – Symptoms Of A Failing System tab

Greetings fellow guitar players, this is only the verse part. I am going to submit my
pro version of the entire song once I finish it. There are a lot of time changes and it is
very unique song.
I am going to be posting covers of this song as well as 'escape' and 'recovery' and 'the messenger'
hopefully i can get this band a little more exposure and teach people how to play there songs.
p.s. my frend nick posted the tab for escape and its not good so dont rate it.

db|----------------------------------|ab|----------------------------------|fb|-----7~-----------0h2h3-----------|c#|-----8~------0h1h3----------0h3h5-|g#|-5-5----5-5------------0h1h3------|C#|-5-5----5-5-----------------------| * *
db|------------6h5-----------|ab|-----------------6h8------|fb|-----7~--------7-----3h5--|c#|-----8~-------------------|g#|-5-5----5-5---------------|C#|-5-5----5-5---------------| * *
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