Our Summer Silhouette - At Least Im Honest chords

Chords used in this song. 
They change up a little bit, but I'll make note of how to play them. 

Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7 Em C D--3----3----3----3----0----0----2----|--3----3----3----3----0----1----3----|--0----0----2----0----0----0----2----|--2----0----0----2----2----2---------|--3----2---------2----2----3---------|--0----3---------0----0--------------|
Everytime you play a Dsusp7 without an Em7 after it go..
And when you play Em7, go..--3--3---------|--3--3---------|--0--2---------|--2--0---------|--2--2---------|---------------|
Intro: Cadd9-G-Dsusp7-Cadd9-G-Em7 x2 Verse:
Cadd9 G Dsusp7This is the first time I've ever felt so alone
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7When you said you'd stay, I believed you 'till the end
Cadd9 G Dsups7I'm sorry if the way I act is inconsistant
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7With what I say and how I feel about you
Chorus: When theres a D*, slide your fingers to the forth fret and back on the 6th and 5th string with all other strings open. Only strum the top three strings.
Em D Cadd9If I could go back on the promises I made
Em D* Then this life wouldnt be the same
Em D Cadd9 This heavy burden I have in my heart
Em DWould be lifted away
Verse 2:
Cadd9 G Dsusp7You're not the same girl that I fell inlove with
Cadd9 G Dsups7 Em7I don't know what happened but you changed
Cadd9 G Dsusp7I'm gunna show the world that I can live without you
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7I'm gunna show the world how strong I've become
*Chorus* Verse 3:
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 You turned your back so take your first step, walk away now
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7When I look back at you, I can finally move on
Cadd9 G Dsusp7You said I wasn't mature? Well at least I'm honest
Cadd9 G Dsups7 Em7Now that you know who I am, how do you feel about yourself?
*Chorus* Bridge: X2 During the D, play it like this:
G C EmIf I could go back, I'd change one thing
DIt's how I put my trust in you
Bridge 2: *play intro* then..
Cadd9 G Dsusp7I'm wanna show the world that I can live without you
Cadd9 G Dsups7 Em7I wanna show the world
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7I'm gunna show the world how strong I've become
Cadd9 G Dsusp7 Em7I'm gunna show the world
Repeat First Verse, and end :)
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