Outlaws – Green Grass & High Tides tab

INTRO: clean electric..................some kind of volume boost here
Em C G D D A5 A5 e----------------------------------------2------2------------------| b------------------1-------------------3--------3------------------| g--------0-------0-----------0-------2----------2-----2-----2------| d------2-------2-----------0-------0------------------2-----2------|a----2-------3-----------2----------------------------0-----0------| E--O-------------------3-------------------------------------------|
play that twice until the third time when you play: Em C G D A5 |-----------------------------2-2-------------------------------------||----------1--------0-------3----3------------------------------------| |-----0---0-0------0--0----2---------2--2-----------------------------| |----2---2--------0-------0----------2--2-----------------------------| |---2---3--------2-------------------0--0-----------------------------| |--0---3--------3-----------------------------------------------------|
Next comes the section where the open chords are strummed slowly but vigorously in the same order as before. After strumming them slowly, play the series of quick chordal changes that make the song recognizable. I'm not sure of the rythym exactly but the chords will be in the same order as above. Em, C, G, D, A. In the verse the chord changes are a little different. The order is as follows: Em, G, C, D. Now that I think about it, there probably is another part missing but I'm not sure. If you have any comments or just feel like chewing me out, E-Mail me at the above address. Hope this helps! -Graham
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