Ov Wright - Youre Gonna Make Me Cry chords

O.V. Wright

You're Gonna Break My Heart


D GYoure gonna make me cry
D AYoure gonna make me cry
Bmohhh ohh baby
DDont make me cry (im beggin you baby)
D G Youre gonna break my heart (oh yes you are)
D AYoure gonna break my heart
Bmohh (im beggin you babby pleaser baby)
Ddont break my heart
DLove can bring happiness
GAnd love can bring sorrw
DLove can be here today (and you know what baby)
GBut be gone tomorrow
ABut ohh babby
GOhh ohh ohh babby
D G D Aplease please dont make me cry oh no oh no
D GYoure gonna mnake me cry (oh yes you are)
D Ayour gonna make me cry
Bmohhh baby
D Dont make me cry
A(heres another thing I wanna tell you
DLove is something
GIt's hard to figure out
DBut love is something
GThe whole wide world oughtta know about
Aoh baby wooooo baby
G D please baby dont break my heart
G D AIf you insist on doin it heres what Im gonna have to do to you
D GI'm gonna leave you alone oh yes I am
D AI'm gonna leave you alone ohhh!
Bm Doh baby leave you alone
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