Over The Rhine - Darlin Christmas Is Coming chords

Here is another great song from their Christmas Album.
This song is pretty simple.  As usual, I will show you the parts
and then you can apply them to the whole song on your own.

Capo 1

C AmDarlin, darlin
C AmDarlin, darlin
C AmSo its been a long year
C AmEvery new day brings one more tear
F GTill theres nothing left to cry
C Am My, my, how time flies
C AmLike little children hiding their eyes
F GWell make it disappear
F G F Em Dm (This is the walk-downLets start a brand new year Only done once this time)
C AmDarlin, Christmas is coming
F GSalvation army bells are ringing
C AmDarlin, Christmas is coming
F GDo you believe in angels singing?
C AmDarlin, the snow is falling
F G CFalling like forgiveness from the sky
That should about do it for this song. Enjoy.
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