Over The Rhine – Born chords

Over the Rhine - Born (Drunkard's Prayer)
Tabbed by Ronald Teune (ronaldteune at gmail)

Into (numbers are finger positions on low E string - just some quick guesses)
3-Gm, 3-5-6-Bb 8-10-F C C (2x) C

Gm BbI was born to laugh
F CI learned to laugh through my tears
Gm BbI was born to love
F C C CI'm gonna learn to love without fear
GmPour me a glass of wine
BbTalk deep into the night
F CWho knows what we'll find
GmIntuition, deja vu
BbThe Holy Ghost haunting you
FWhatever you got
C C CI don't mind
I was born...
GmPut your elbows on the table
BbI'll listen long as I am able
F CThere's nowhere I'd rather be
GmSecret fears, the supernatural
BbThank God for this new laughter
F CThank God the joke's on me
'cause I was born... Gm Bb F C (2x)
GmWe've seen the landfill rainbow
BbWe've seen the junkyard of love
F CBaby it's no place for you and me
I was born to laugh... Second time: "I was born..." in canon with "Pour me..."
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