Over The Rhine – Bpd chords

This is the piano part for the song.

Intro: F

FYou're making a mess
F7/Eb EbSomething I can't fix
Dsus D Dsus D BbThis time you're on your own
FI'd make it alright
F7/Eb EbBut I wouldn't get it right
Dsus D Dsus BbI'm leaving it alone
FFor crying out loud
F7/Eb EbCrying out loud
DmCrying out
BbYou're crying out
F F/Eb F/D BbYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
FYou're making a mess
F7/Eb EbIs that what you do best?
Dsus D Dsus D BbIs madness just a hand-me-down?
FIt's anyone's guess
F7/Eb EbBut I must confess
Dsus D Dsus D BbThe performance isn't that profound.
F F/Eb F/D BbYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. x2
Cm GI'm waiting for the end
Cm F Bb GWaiting to begin again
GYou're making a mess
G7/F FSomething you can't hide
F7/Eb EbA slow suicide
Dsus D Dsus D GJust one bite at a time
G7/F FI should love you less
F7/Eb EBBut I can't I guess
Dsus D Dsus D GOnly God can save us now
G/FCrying out
G/ECrying out
CCrying out
G G/F G/E CYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (ad infinitum - vamp and jam to heart's content)
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