Owl City - The Saltwater Room chords

The Saltwater Room
-Owl City
Tabbed by: TapdancingJayses

No capo, Standard tuning, 

Okay, the Acoustic Tab was really accurate, but this is for beginners who want an 
easy but accurate set of chords.

Intro (optional for beginners):

F C G AmI opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light
F AmWalking down by the bay, on the shore, staring up at the planes that aren’t
there anymore
F C G AmI was feeling the night grow old and you were looking so cold
F C GLike an introvert, I drew my over shirt
AmAround my arms and began to shiver violently before
F C G AmYou happened to look and see the tunnels all around me
FRunning into the dark underground
AmAll the subways around create a great sound
F C G AmTo my motion fatigue: farewell with your ear to a seashell
F CYou can hear the waves in underwater caves
G Am CAs if you actually were inside a saltwater room
F C GTime together isn't ever quite enough
C When you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home
F C GWhat will it take to make or break this hint of love?
CWe need time, only time
F C GWhen we're apart, whatever are you thinking of?
CIf this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone?
F C GSo tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?
CAll the time, all the time
F C G AmCan you believe that the crew has gone and wouldn’t let me sign on
F AmAll my islands have sunk in the deep, so I can hardly relax or even
F C G AmI feel as if I were home some nights, when we count all the ship lights
F I guess I'll never know why sparrows love the snow
Am CWe’ll turn out all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow
F C GSo tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?
C FAll the time.
[CHORUS x2] P.S. Be gentle; this is only my second tab! (first is here;http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/great_big_sea/french_perfume_crd.htm)
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