Owl City - Hello Seattle Acoustic tab

I just started listening to Owl City and this is my favorite song.
I couldn't find any good tabs for an acoustic guitar version so I
had to come up with my own. Its standard tuning, and bear in mind
that the F major can be played on the 1st fret or as a bar on the
8th (they both sound fine, but I like the lower F).

BAND: Owl City
SONG: Hello Seattle

Chords you'll need:

A#maj Gmin D#maj Fmaj ~or~ fmaje------6---------3--------6---------1-----------8------------------------|B------6---------3--------6---------1-----------8------------------------|G------7---------3--------8---------2-----------10-----------------------|D------8---------5--------8---------3-----------10-----------------------|A------8---------5--------6---------3-----------8------------------------|E------6---------3--------x---------1-----------x------------------------|
A#maj Gmin D#maj A#maj He - llo Seattle I am a mountai - neer Fmaj D#maj In the hills and highlands A#maj Gmin D#maj A#maj I fall asleep in hospital parking lots Fmaj D#maj And awa - ke in your mouth This first verse is just to give you an idea of how the chords match the lyrics, all of the other verses are the same chords with very similar timing. The Bridge is as follows: First 2 bridges:
(4x thru)e----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------|D----8---8---10---10----12----12----12----12---|A--6---6---8----8----10----10----10----10------|E----------------------------------------------|
For the last two verses, instead of just picking the chords from he bridge I play them in full: D#maj fmaj Gmin Take me a - bo - ve your light D#maj fmaj Gmin Carry me thro - ugh the night D#maj fmaj Gmin Hold me se - c - ure in flight D#maj fmaj Gmin Sing me to sle - ep tonight tabbed by: RedBierd77
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