Bombshell Blonde chords with lyrics by Owl City - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Owl City – Bombshell Blonde chords

The entire songs chords are, Em ,D , G, C. Unsure about some of the parts but thats what I came up with.
That blonde, she's a bomb, she's an atom-bomb Rigged up and ready to drop. Bad news, I'm a fuse and I've met my match So stand back it's about to go off. That vixen, she's a master of disguise, I see danger when I look in her eyes, she's so foxy, she could lead to my demise, So I'm running 'cause I've run out of time, She's a bombshell blonde, wired up to detinate I'm James Bond, live to die another day Bombshell blonde, high explosive dynamite She's all I want so I-I'm on a mission tonight Her love is a drug mixed with exticy, and her charm is spiked with a spell. A hot mess in a dress gets the best of me, she's ice cold but she's making me melt.
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