Ozma – Eponine chords

Tuned a halfstep down, relitive to tuning

E G# C# F# Whoa my eponine, can't you hear the words i sing?
BCan't you hear the words i sing?
E F# A BA crush can never be resolved
E F# A BSeems like every resolution ends in tragedy
E F# A BSingin' whoa, my eponine
prechorus: im not really sure of this part
C# F# C# F#We swore we'd die to end this bolshevik
C# F#And now it's time
(goes up E major starting on F# and ending on F#)Time to put an end to all your woe
Chorus Verse Looooooooooooong Chorus (with E major penitonic over the end) first tab ive ever done so sorry about the mistakes. i wanted to look up this song and NOOO websites had it so i decided to make one. enjoy. ozma is the freaking best! Robert
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