Ozma – The Ups And Downs tab

ozma guitar tablature: the ups and downs
as performed on the CD "rock and roll part three." 
copyright (c) 1999 slegr/galvez/brummel.
transcribed by d. brummel

"The Ups And Downs" is played in the key of G major, in 4/4 time.
Guitars and bass are tuned down one half step, so the song 
sounds in Gb. 

b - bend string up to next indicated note.
r - release bend back to next indicated note.
h - hammer onto the next indicated note
x - muted rake across indicated strings

Verse 1 (just rhythm guitar, voice, and snare drum):
          G               C             D
I've been cheating on you ever since we broke up
          G                  C            D
I've been dreaming about you ever since I woke up
          G                     C              D
And now my hearing's disappearing ever since you spoke up

              Emi  E Eb D  C
I'll devise a plot...   to break your heart
Ami                       D
Think up a plan that I'll never carry out
Emi E Eb D  C           
What's wrong with you?  
Ami         D
Tell me now, what should I do?

G           C
Don't let me down
B7         Emi       D            G
I couldn't take much more of your love

Riff on G: 

G A Bmie----------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------D---5---4-4---5-4--4-4-------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------E---3---5-5---7-7--7-7-------------------------------------
Verse 2 Prechorus 2 Chorus 2 Chorus 3 Chorus 4 Guitar melody outtro:
G Ami Bmie----------------------------------------------------------B---8---8-10-7---------------------------------------------G-----7--------7-------------------------------------------D----------------9---------------9-9-----------------------A------------------10-9---10-9-7---------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------
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