Ozma - Rain Of The Golden Gorilla Acoustic tab

Transcribed by: paolo.c
It sounds right but i'm missing some parts
other than that, enjoy playing this song.



VERSE:1 & 2

strumming sequence
G Dsus2 C E Bme-3-3--0-0--0-0--0-0--0---0-0--------B-0-0--3-3--1-1--0-0--3---3-3--------G-0-0--2-2--0-0--1-1--4---4-4--------D-0-0--0-0--2-2--2-2--4---4-4--------A-2-2--0-0--3-3--2-2--2---2-2--------E-3-3--0-0--x-x--0-0--0---0-0--------
chorus: melodyguitar 1e------------------------------------B------------------------------------G---0-----5-4-0---5-4-0---5-4--------D-----4-5-------4-------4------------ x2A------------------------------------E------------------------------------
guitar 2 strum with melody using:
G(3rd fret) and B --- x2 e-0- -0-B-0- -4-G-4- -4-D-5- -4-A-5- -2-E-3- -0-
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