Ozzy Osbourne - So Tired chords

Intro Melody

E--9---9-7--------12-----------10-10-9-10-7-5-7- | B-----------10-9------10-9-7-------------------- | G----------------------------------------------- | D----------------------------------------------- | A----------------------------------------------- | E----------------------------------------------- |
A E F#m D C#m Time has come to say goodbye
A E F#m D C#mI know it's gonna make you cry
D EBut you belong to another my love
D E And half a love, that just isn't enough
Chorus ( A E F#m D C#m ) I am so tired (so tired) And I just can't wait around for you I am so tired (so tired) And I always thought we'd see it through, yeah
A E F#m D C#mI've waited all this time for you
A E F#m D C#mBelieved your promises were true
D EI keep believing that you mean what you say
D EBe my tomorrow, now tomorrow's today
D EAnd I often sit and wonder why
D EYou're not with me tonight
F#m EI stayed at home remaining true
D EWhile you do what you want to do, yeah
Chorus So tired, so tired So tired, so tired So tired, so tired, yeah
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