Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer tab version 2

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Song: Dreamer
Released on: Down to Earth (2001)
Guitarist: Zakk Wylde

Tabbed by: Garci
E-mail: garci.91@hotmail.com

Seeing as how all the other tabs on the site were, in my opinion, wrong or didn't sound 
right, here's my take on the solo. This is the standalone solo tab, so this is how you 
it in Standard tuning. Whether or not it's detuned in the original, that's up to you to adjust.

h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
xb(y) = bend x to y
x^b(y) = hold x, then bend it to y (listen to the song, you'll see what I mean)
xbr(y) = bend x to y, then release back to x
/ = slide out
\ = slide in
~ = vibrato with your fingers

fingers: i = index, m = middle, r = ring, p = pinky

The acclarations are there for the novice players, who might need a little help with the 
the solo. They are, by no means, the only right way to play this.

As said, tuning: Standard

The last part means "vibrato, then slide out"
To do the above, it's best to slide up to the 10th fret using your ring finger, then the first note on each on the following strings with your index. This way, your ring finger perfectly to play the bend on the G string.
i m p i m p i+re|------------------14--16--18--13---------|------------------------------|B|-------14--16/18--------------16b(18)~~--|--16b(18)-16b(18)--16b(18)~~--|G|--\13------------------------------------|------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------|
Hold the first bend above for a while. Then, as the string is already bent, play it a couple of times, slightly releasing it. Listen to the song for a better idea.
The first bend release should happen rather fast; this is typical Zakk Wylde. For the one, hold that bend high, then slowly release it and as you reach the standard pitch, pick note above and go insane on the vibrato.
The above is just a three note per string A# minor scale run-up. Play it in whatever feels comfourtable to you, but keep that triplet feel going. Hope you liked it, and most importantly, that it worked for you.
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