Under A Dome chords with lyrics by Of Monsters And Men - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Of Monsters And Men – Under A Dome chords

[Verse 1]
BbUnder a dome
Cm Gm DmWhile we wait for it
EbWe feel all of it
Gm BbLooking back on it
Bb CmUnder a dome
GmWhere I met you first
Dm EbFuck the way we were
GmWatch the color burst
Bb x8 [Verse 2]
Bb BbUnder a dome (Under a dome)
Cm Gm DmIn a foreign place
Dm EbHeard you call my name
GmWatch the tidal wave
Bb [Refrain]
Bb BbUnder a dome (Under a dome)
EbWhere I met you first
BbFuck the way we were
GmWatch the color burst
Eb Gm Bb [Outro]
Bb CmI'm taking over my throne
Cm GmI'm holding my heart and it's overgrown
Gm DmI'm kicking out, I'm full of life
EbSo why should we cry over northern lights
Eb GmAnd it's over now and I'm falling
Gm BbAnd I'm falling
Cm GmSo fuck all the times that I've fallen
GmAnd I'm falling
Dm EbCreature you're part of this loving game
GmBut it's over now and I'm falling
GmAnd I'm falling
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