Okkervil River – Maine Island Lovers chords

Finger picking pattern for intro and verse:

A E Bm7/A De|-0-------0-----0-------0-----2-------2-----2-------3-2-0-|b|-2---2-------2-0---0-------0-3---3-------3-3---3---------|G|-2-----2-------1-----1-------4-----4-------2-----2-------|D|-2-------------2-------------4-------------0-------------|A|-0-------------2-------------0-------------X-------------|E|-X-------------0-------------X-------------X-------------|
[Intro] (finger pick) A E Bm7/A D x2 [Verse 1] (continue finger picking)
A E Bm7/A DTo cheat on Maine islands — days of laughter, nights of sighing
A E Bm7/A DTo love without ceasing — flowering orchards, salty sea-things
A E Bm7/A DTo say without shyness “unreal city, you have killed me”
[Chorus] (strum)
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DWhen you walked out on her love was it easy?
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DWhen I left him while sleeping was I dreaming?
[Verse 2] (finger pick)
A E Bm7/A DWe take each night's journey to the hotel in a hurry
A E Bm7/A DWhere we love without worry on a bed that's five days dirty
A E Bm7/A DAnd we read without irony from a book my husband bought for me
[Chorus] (strum)
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DWhen I fell on the concrete it was lovely
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DBecause you could see what's been running so hot in me
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DBut when I fell on the concrete, you went white as a sheet
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DAnd wished that nothing in this world would ever hurt me. Well, keep wishing
[Verse 3] (finger pick or lightly strum)
A E Bm7/A DBecause when I look in my future, I don't see you and don't wish to
A E Bm7/A DIdle talk made when I'm lying by your side on some Maine island
A E Bm7/A DIt's too funny to me, honey, so let's drop it
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DIf you really want to love me, well, then do it
F#5 E5 Bm7/A DIf you really want to love me, well, then do it
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