Free Me chords with lyrics by Otis Redding - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Otis Redding – Free Me chords

A  E  F#m  Em  D

[Verse 1]
D ATurn me loose
A EThere ain't no use
F#mFree me darling
F#mDon't hang me up
F#m A ELet me go from your love, now
E AJust like a prisoner
A EYou got me chained and bound
A E F#m EUnlock 'em, Let me go, let me go
E DGet 'em from around
[Verse 2]
D ATurn me loose
A EThere ain't no use
F#mFree me baby, Let me go, Turn me loose
F#m A EFrom your love, now
E AYou know I did love you, yeah
A EDo anything in the world for you
A G#m F#m E DI try my best, I try my very best, yeah, please
AThe way your treating me
EKeep me in misery
E A EI'm so weak, I'm so weak, I'm so weak
Em7 DTo walk away
[Verse 3]
D AIt's up to you
A ETo say we're through
F#mOh, free me baby, let me go, turn me loose baby
F#m AFrom your love
A E7I got to tell you, Listen this
E7 AI know sometime
A EI wonder do you really love me
A G#m F#mAnd if you don't, if you don't
E DYou got to let me know
D ALet me go
A EYour love is not shown
E ABreak these chains
E F#mBreak them, tear them apart
Em DLet me love again
D ATurn me loose
A EThere ain't no use
ELet me go, darling
E F#mIf you don't want me
F#mFree me
F#mLet me go
F#mUnchain me
E AFrom your love
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