P-model - Kameari Pop tab

P-MODEL : Kameari Pop
From "In A Model Room" LP, 1979
(Susumu Hirasawa)
Site: http://noroom.susumuhirasawa.com/modules/artist/content0002.html
Transcribed by Luke Borley

Intro riff is

C----------------------------|----------------------------|-------------------5-5--55--|----------2--------5-5--55--| x3--0--2-0----4-0-2--3-3--33--|----------------------------|
C B----------------------------|----------------------------|-------------------5-5--4---|----------2--------5-5--4---|--0--2-0----4-0-2--3-3--2---|----------------------------|
then A (barre) into Verses A F# [Whatever the lyrics are here, don't know] (x4) Chorus (x2) E D Hey you, this song A D A Is pop, kameari pop
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