Paal Flaata - Have A Heart tab

Great singer/songwriter from norway, he is a mixture between Elvis and Chris Isaak.. He
known from the band Midnight Choir

Paal Flaata

Have a heart

Would you lend, a helping hand
to save a drowning man?
          Bb                               F     C7  F
could you refuse a hungry child a piece of bread?
And if you were, a million-man
                 Bb      F
would you have a dime to spend?
      G                                 C
for a begger, or would you turn away in staid?


(Have a heart) this man is drowning
(Have a heart) this child is hungry
(have a heart) this begger's begging you
F            C7
please don't walk away

(Have a heart) I'm drowning in my tears
(Have a heart) I'm hungry for your kiss
F                 Dm
I'm beggin' on my knees
G                 C7          F   Bb          F
have a heart, and please love me (please love me)

Repeat chorus one more time only you play it like this:

G Em C G C G
G Em A D G C G

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