Pain Of Salvation - Mrs Modern Mother Mary tab

Mrs. Modern Mother Mary

There is only one riff played through the song. The only variations come in tone. In the
the riff is played with a tremolo effect. During the choruses, it's played with heavy
During the verses, it's clean with wah. This song is really more for the keyboardist 
the guitarist. I probably would have been better off to tab out all the keyboard parts too.

For completeness, I'll add that you precede the riff with a couple of palm muted muffles
you start the riff the first time.

Tuning: A E A D G B E (Standard 7-string tuning with dropped A)

This is the whole song. There are no other riffs in it, as hard to believe as it may be. repeat this the whole way through with the tone instructions above.
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