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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 96 0:28:46 EST
From: Ben Freeman 
Subject: sorry, palace- christmastime in the mountains

christmastime in the mountains by baker/black as performed by palace. from"hope." i've never heard the original. shout if you have. criticisms,requests to(ben freeman): toofless@eden.rutgers.eduD-----0---------|A-0-2---2-0-----| (intro lick)E-----------3---|
G Em C D should i play ball with dogs or walk away (2x) G Em C D should I take your hand, walk across the sand pEm D time is the enemy G Em time's the guy D Em enemy behind enemy lines D G Em C we need an enemy i'm saving all my rage (for you) (2x) G Em it's christmastime in the mountains C D C everything is white... tonight --ben
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