Pale Blackout – Slobaholic tab

Pale Blackout- Slobaholic.
Tabbed by mick,
you might never heard of this band, but they sound like green day, limp bizkit, goldfinger and rancid rolled into one. anyway, heres the tabs...

Guitar introe -----------|B --3-3-3-3p-|G -----------|D -----------| x2, pause @ last chord A -----------| E --3-3-3-3p-|
Main Riffe -----------------------------------|B -3333333033333330------------------|G -----------------------------------|D -----------------2222222033333330--| x2A -----------------------------------|E -33333333333333333333333333333333--|
Verse (bass line)G --------------------D --------------------A -----------2222-3333E--3333-0000----------
u may notice the chorus is the same as the main riff. the interlude/riff 2 is just a slowed down verse. have fun: remember, play it like rancid- slow and fast! :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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