Paleface – Burn & Rob tab


Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:56:40 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael Stutz 
Subject: TAB: p/paleface/

"Burn and Rob" by Paleface
Transcribed by Michael Stutz , 18 June 1997
Updated lyrics with help of nathalie , 11 November 1997

fig. 1e+----------------+----------------+----------------+----------------+b+----------------+----------------+----------------+----------------+g+----------------+----------------+----------------+----------------+d+----------------+----------------+----------------+----------------+a+-2--------------+-2--------------+-2--------------+-2--------------+e+------3---------+--------3-------+---------3------+---------3------+
fig. 2e+-2------2--2----+----------------+----------------+----------------+b+-3------3--3----+-1-------1--1---+----------------+----------------+g+-2------2--2----+-0-------0--0---+----------------+----------------+d+-0------0--0----+-2-------2--2---+----------------+----------------+a+----------------+-3-------3--3---+-2--------------+-2--------------+e+----------------+----------------+--------3-------+----------3-----+
fig. 3e+----------------+----------------+----------------+----------------+b+-4--5---7---5---+----------------+----------------+----------------+g+-4--5---7---5---+----------------+----------------+----------------+d+-4--5---7---5---+----------------+----------------+----------------+a+-2--3---5---3---+-2--------------+-2--------------+-2--------------+e+----------------+-------3--------+---------3------+---------3------+
(fig. 1) Well I bought my favorite record at my local record store (fig. 1) I woulda bought a lot but I had a rotten job (fig. 1) I took it home and I put it on the turntable (fig. 1) It made me wanna kill everybody in the neighborhood (fig. 2) It made me wanna burn and rob, burn and rob Rock and roll made me wanna burn and rob (fig. 2) Burn and rob, burn and rob Kill everybody and quit my stupid job! (with fig. 3) [bridge] (fig. 1) So I went into my mom's room and I stole all of her jewelry (fig. 1) I put it in a paper bag and sold it on a street corner D C Then I bought a lot of drugs and I got my sister drunk D C I stole the family car and I stuffed her in the trunk (fig. 1) Then I drove her off the edge of a cliff and stood there laughing (fig 2.) Burn and rob, burn and rob Hideous crimes done with a cattle prod (fig 2.) Burn and rob, burn and rob Rob and crash and tumble and burn (fig. 3) [bridge] (fig. 1) I already had my dad's checkbook, so I ran off to the bank (fig. 1) I took out all the money and I loaded up on crank D C Then I went across the country spreading fire and disease D C I prayed to the devil down on my bloody knees (fig. 1) Then I bought another record and I committed suicide (fig. 2) Burn and rob, burn and rob Yeah with rock and roll it drove me to the other side (fig 2.) Burn and rob, burn and rob Rock and roll made me not believe in God (fig 2.) Burn and rob, burn and rob Don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop D C Burn and rob, burn and rob D C Burn and rob, burn and rob G (strum quickly) email Copyright (c) 1997 Michael Stutz; this information is free and may be reproduced under GNU GPL, and as long as this sentence remains; it comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY; for details see .
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